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Hotrod Flamed Art
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Artist Todd Michael Guevara, aka: The Fish Man, has taken aquatic art to a whole new level. Combining the hydrodynamics of sportfish & sharks with Todd's passion for exceptional paint work found on motor cycles & hot rods, the result can best be described as "fire on water"

The intricate process that is undertaken to create each sculpture is
complicated, meticulous and time-consuming. Like surfboards, the
sculptures are shaped and constructed out of fiberglass. Each piece is
meticulously layered with up to 60 coats of pearl and candy paint. Finally, up
to 10 clear coats are applied to produce a shiny, wet look. After numerous
hours of work, the sculpture is ready to be proudly displayed. The result? An
eye-catching, head-turning, three-dimensional tribute to the aquatic art form
of Todd Michael Guevara.

Todd's work has been featured in numerous galleries, trade shows, fairs,
magazines, casinos, restaurants and private homes throughout the world.
The Sculptures are available in various sizes, colors and species, including
sport fish, billfish, sharks, rays and marine mammals. The Sculptures range
in price from $300 to $2400. Larger, commercial-sized pieces range in price
from $1400 to $20,000.

Guevara applies his passion for for flames to fiberglass fish, which look like
the oceanic version of hot rod cars
- Los Angeles Times

For more information please call (949) 472-TODD

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Image of Black Tip Shark, Bat Ray & Sailfish