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Happy New Year 2005!
MTV Real World San Diego ended in June 2004. For that season of real world San Diego cast members, we have already heard so many stories about the casts on some news reports....If you wonder about the awesome house decor with Todd's 17 pieces of Fish and Shark Sculptures as San Diego House Decoration, here they are.
Hotrod Flamed Art
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List of MTV Real World San Diego Fish Casts Members!If you would like an exact 48-inch sailfish sculpture casted in real world san diego kichen, it is on sale right now!! 50% OFF. Don't miss out....

*Click here to find out about sailfish art featured in real world San Diego house kichen

You have come to the right website to find out about every single fish sculpture casted in MTV Real World San Diego. This page will help you exclusively view and pick the exact artworks of fish and shark sculptures that are hung all over the famous MTV Real World San Diego House. Are you ready to take a look at which exact sailfish, blacktip sharks, hammerhead shark, great white shark, Bat Rays, Dolphin, Thresher Shark,and swordfish sculptures are in the MTV Real World San Diego along with the casts members?

You can click on the following image to see the list of fish and sharks featured in the MTV Real World.

List of Fish & Shark Sculptures in MTV Real World San Diego

You can also enjoy browsing many other fish and shark sculptures that are featured in the MTV real World San Diego House as fish casts. These pieces are all custom-painted, signed, and numbered by highly accredited hotrod flamed fish and shark sculpture artist; Todd Michael Guevara.

Todd Michael Guevara, aka, The Fish Man's famous, highest quality fish and shark replicas and sculptures have been decorated not only private properties, but also Hotels in Las Vegas, Restaurants & Bars including Hard Rock Cafe in Newport Beach, CA., various Sushi bars all over Southern California, Gas Stations, TV shows including the famous reality show of MTV Real World San Diego, Dreamworks Movie sets, Museum of Flight, Seattle, and numerous more locations, museums and galleries.


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